Robert Stanton Cagle, who goes by his middle name, is a native Texan whose personality draws specific traits from each city in the state that he has called home:

Born and raised in El Paso until the tender age of six; he claims that he can eat Mexican food for every meal of the day and would prefer that Hatch green chiles adorn every one of those entrees. He enjoys the simpler things in life and loves the nostalgic smell of the arroyo after a heavy (but sparse) rain fall.

Although born in El Paso – he considers Austin his hometown. Libertarian by definition (but apolitical by practice) this Austinite stays true to the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’s’ unofficial-but-seemingly-official attitude of “do whatever you want as long as it don’t hurt no one.” He also shares a birthday with Willie Nelson – which he considers to be the most Texan thing about him

Stanton graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School (known to locals as simply ‘Austin High’) in Austin, TX. He then continued the trend by attending his undergraduate studies at Stephen F. Austin State University (known to students and alumni as simply 'SFA') in Nacogdoches in the Deep East pines – thus completing his “coast-to-coast” Texas tour. After satisfying his required core curriculum, Stanton declared Radio/Television as his undergraduate major but soon made the switch to Advertising as his career path. This decision would undoubtedly shape the next couple of years for him. The red dirt and tall pines were very different than the dusty trails of the West and rolling hills of Central Texas; and so were the people. Stanton found a humble group of friends, joined some social organizations, attended a few SFA basketball games and somewhere along the way purchased a pair of cowboy boots.

After an internship in Houston, a few months back home in Austin, and some soul searching - Stanton found himself lounging in the cool, crisp waters of the San Marcos River and decided that he might continue his education somewhere where it seemed the sun didn’t stop shining. San Marcos became his home for a year or two and Texas State University found itself a new Bobcat.

To learn more about Stanton, please free to show yourself around!